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Would You Like an Anti-Aging Treatment That Produces Near-Instant Results Without Any Downtime?

JUVÉDERM® Family of Soft Tissue Fillers

JUVÉDERM® is a well-known collection of soft tissue fillers that effectively plumps and hydrates the skin. The JUVÉDERM® family can correct everything from age-related volume loss like thin lips, sunken cheeks, and under-eye hollows, while also reversing lines and wrinkles on the mid-to-lower face. JUVÉDERM® treatments produce instant results with a single in-office visit.

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*Individual Results May Vary

Am I a Good Candidate for JUVÉDERM®?

You may be a good candidate for JUVÉDERM® dermal fillers if you would like a non-surgical solution to correct bothersome signs of aging and sun damage. JUVÉDERM® fillers are comprised of a synthetic Hyaluronic Acid-base (a naturally-occurring substance within the body) making them safe and effective for nearly any patient.

JUVÉDERM® is a highly versatile line of fillers that can address a range of aesthetic concerns. Take a look at a few of your options below to get an idea about what may be right for you.

  • JUVÉDERM®: This robust formula is able to minimize the appearance of moderate-to-severe lines around the nose and mouth for up to 1-year.
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  • JUVÉDERM Ultra®: Ultra is the ideal treatment for patients that want to add significant volume to their lips. Thin lips can be plumped for 1-year or more.
  • JUVÉDERM Voluma®: Patients that would like to lift and contour the cheek area will benefit best from Voluma. However, patients can also fill in hollows below the eyes for upwards of 2-years.
  • JUVÉDERM Volbella®: Volbella might be your best bet if you’re looking to add subtle volume to your lips or smooth vertical lip lines. This treatment can last about 1-year.
  • JUVÉDERM Vollure®: This formula has a high spreadability making it perfect for subtle improvements to wrinkles around the nose and mouth. Vollure typically lasts 18+ months.

During your initial consultation, your injector specialist will perform a full facial analysis and help determine the best option for your individual needs.

Consultations Are Available Now

Take the first step. Get your questions answered and find out which treatment option is best for your personal situation by meeting with one of our knowledgeable providers at LaserSmart Skin & Body Institute for an in-person consultation.

Simply fill out the form on this page, and one of our experienced team members will reach out to you promptly to schedule your consultation.

How Long Does a Typical Treatment Take?

Like most injectables, your actual JUVÉDERM® procedure will take just a few minutes. Depending on the area being treated and the severity of your condition, your procedure may last anywhere from 5-10 minutes. One of the best things about the JUVÉDERM® line of products is that most are lidocaine-enhanced making treatment comfortable without the need for a topical anesthetic.

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*Individual Results May Vary

What Results Will I See?*

Patients can see near-instant results the moment they leave their in-office appointment. As post-treatment swelling subsides over 1-2 days, an optimal outcome can be seen. JUVÉDERM® is done as a one-time procedure meaning you’ll be able to get the results you want with a single treatment.

Each JUVÉDERM® is unique and has different longevity. While some fillers may only last 6-months, others can last up to 2-years or more. Touch-up treatments can be done as needed to maintain lasting results.

juvederm Gilbert, AZ

*Individual Results May Vary

Is There Any Downtime?

Soft tissue fillers don’t generally have any downtime involved. You can return to normal day-to-day activities with little to no restrictions immediately. JUVÉDERM® has a low risk of allergic reactions making side effects minimal. However, you can expect some initial redness, swelling, or tenderness for several hours to several days following your JUVÉDERM® treatment.

Take the First Step – Request A Consultation

If you would like to schedule an in-person consultation, please fill out the form on this page, and one of our knowledgeable providers at LaserSmart Skin & Body Institute will reach out to you promptly. You can also call our Gilbert, AZ office directly to schedule – (480)-774-6055.

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*Individual Results May Vary

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